Privacy statement

In this Privacy statement we want to give clarity about what we do with your personal information.

Various business units belong to ASR Nederland N.V., that have appointed ASR Nederland N.V. as responsible for processing personal data for their customers. Once you request insurance and/or a financial service at ASR Nederland N.V., we will ask for your personal information.

We process and use your personal information in accordance with:
  • Dutch privacy laws (Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens) 
  • The Dutch Code of Conduct Processing Personal Information Financial Institutions
  • The Dutch Health Insurance Addendum 

How we handle your personal information

Personal data is any information that is known about you and belongs to you, including your name and date of birth, contact details, bank account number, license plate and in exceptional cases your national identification number. We process this information to provide you with services. This data is used to process your application, formation and execution of a contract.
At times we are legally obligated to disclose personal data to third parties such as the tax authorities. We may also use your personal data for marketing activities. You can indicate what you do and do not wish to receive.  
To protect your privacy we have taken organizational and technical measures. Our employees have the duty to abide with confidentiality agreements and we use optimal security to access systems, computer networks, servers and our buildings. Moreover, we do not store data longer than necessary. 

Extra careful with special data

Health, trade union membership and history of your criminal record falls under special data. This data is carefully processed, often by a select group of employees who have signed an additional non-disclosure agreement. Medical data - this is all information about your health - is processed under the responsibility of our medical advisors. This information is only accessible to those employees that include 'medical staff'  of medical advisors and only when necessary to carry out their work. These employees work under direct responsibility of the medical advisor and are bound by medical confidentiality. Criminal justice data from for example your application will only be processed by a.s.r.'s Security department. Part of this record is also the detection of fraud, abuse and diversion data. Whereby we adhere to the Dutch Fraud Protocol of the Association of Insurers, and the Financial Institutions Incident Warning System protocol.

Privacy for external services

At times we work with external companies to perform part of our services. This has to do with the performance of your insurance contract, such as a collection agency, expert agencies or reinsurers. a.s.r. remains responsible for processing your data. We have contract agreements with these parties on how to handle your data so your privacy is protected. 

New development

The privacy statement text stated above can be adjusted to any new developments, such as business activity changes or changes in laws and regulations. We advise you to consult this text on the website regularly.