About a.s.r.

Our brands

a.s.r. offers a broad range of insurance products and services to both consumers and commercial customers. Each of our brands has its own mix of products and distribution channels.​

Under the a.s.r. brand, a.s.r. offers products for P&C (all customer segments), pensions (DB products for the commercial market), individual life (term life and annuity) and banking products (mortgages, savings and investments for retail clients). The a.s.r. branded products are distributed via the intermediary channel (e.g. P&C, mortgages and DB pension products) as well as online (e.g. term life, savings and individual annuity). In addition, mandated brokers, aggregators and service providers can sell a.s.r.’s products under their own brand names. The a.s.r. brand targets retail and commercial (primarily SME) customer segments.
Ditzo is the leading provider of life and health insurance for people who like to arrange everything by themself online and pay (more) attention to the price.
De Amersfoortse
Under De Amersfoortse brand, a.s.r. offers disability, health and DC pension insurance, mainly focused on the commercial market. De Amersfoortse products and services are sold exclusively through intermediaries.
Under the Europeesche Verzekeringen brand, a.s.r. specializes in travel and leisure insurance. Europeesche Verzekeringen insurance policies are sold through the intermediary channel, including through specialist partners, such as tour operators and sports federations and the direct channel. The Europeesche Verzekeringen brand primarily targets retail customers.
Ardanta is a.s.r.’s funeral insurance brand. Most of Ardanta’s funeral insurance policies historically sold via the intermediary channel. Currently, Ardanta utilises a multi-channel distribution strategy by offering its products through intermediaries, direct salesforce and online. The Ardanta brand targets retail customers. With the acquisitions of AXENT and NIVO, a.s.r. has two additional funeral brands.