Sustainable taxpayer

Tax management

a.s.r.’s Tax Affairs department has a central role in a.s.r.’s tax function, and therefore an important role in embedding the tax strategy in the organisation’s day-to-day activities. Tax Affairs is responsible for the establishment, maintenance and testing of the Tax Control Framework, which is part of the Management In Control process.

Tax Affairs is the “single point of contact” with the Tax and Customs Administration for a.s.r. and both periodically and on an ad-hoc basis consults with the Tax and Customs Administration. External tax consultants are only consulted after involvement and/or approval by Tax Affairs.

In case of important agreements, product development, acquisitions, internal reorganisations and suchlike, Tax Affairs is consulted on any relevant points. With this “sign-off”, the succession of the tax strategy is safeguarded. In addition, tax topics are regularly discussed with a.s.r.’s CFO.

a.s.r. is actively implementing technological solutions to control tax risks, for example by means of data analysis. a.s.r. will also complete the implementation of a new financial system in 2018, in which financial reporting / consolidation, tax accounting and the corporate income tax return will be integrated.