Sustainable taxpayer

a.s.r. as an investor and taxes

Direct investments
For the investments (equities and corporate bonds) in companies, a.s.r. makes use of ESG (environment, social, governance) research from the research firm Vireo Eiris. The assessment of companies also includes tax criteria, in particular on the basis of (inter)national guidelines. In this way, a.s.r. avoids any ESG risks in its investment portfolio in relation to tax havens, offshore financial centres and the like. More information on this can be found on a.s.r.’s website: 

Investments via external funds
Investments via external funds are never prompted by tax considerations. A business case is assessed on the basis of the strategy of the investment fund and the quality of the asset manager. The tax assessment from an a.s.r. perspective serves only to avoid any possible double and/or unnecessary taxation.

a.s.r. has a preference for regulated funds in the European Union because of the relevant expertise for institutional investors combined with a responsible and transparent tax policy. In addition, a.s.r. can invest in funds offered from other OECD countries, provided the legislation and regulations are comparable to those in the EU, and the fair-share principle is met. a.s.r. avoids investments in countries that have a reputational risk as far as tax is concerned, a legally weaker position and insufficient regulation and/or transparency.