Sustainable business

Sustainable taxpayer

In line with its mission and CSR policy, a.s.r. wishes to be a sustainable taxpayer
a.s.r. wants to play the following roles in society:

  • being an insurer customers can rely on; 
  • being a stable financial institution; 
  • being a people-oriented employer;
  • and being a valuable participant of society.

a.s.r. has a responsibility towards society at large, its customers in general and vulnerable groups in particular. This is expressed in its personnel policy (for example by employing people with an occupational impairment), investment policy, work environment (Het Nieuwe Werken), and the CSR policy, including a.s.r.’s statement that it wants to be a sustainable taxpayer.

The tax strategy contributes to a.s.r.’s mission
a.s.r.’s tax strategy contributes to a.s.r.’s attainment of its mission and corporate strategy.

a.s.r.’s tax policy contributes to a.s.r.’s ambition to be a financially reliable and stable organisation so that a.s.r.’s short-term as well as its long-term commitments towards customers and stakeholders can be met, thus creating long-term value. In addition, the outcome of its tax policy is that a.s.r., as a member of society, contributes its fair share to enable and maintain the very society it is part of.