Social role of a.s.r.

Foundation for Art & Historical Artefacts

The goal of Stichting Kunst & Historisch Bezit (Foundation for Art & Historical Artefacts) is two-fold: preserving a.s.r.’s rich corporate history and offering employees the opportunity to enjoy the art collection, thereby contributing to an inspiring work environment. 

Based on its Articles of Association, the Foundation aims to:

  • provide access to art by displaying it in and around the a.s.r. buildings.
  • preserve, expand and manage the collection of art and historic treasures, antique artefacts and historic archives.
  • maintain and, where possible, expand a library that is leading in the area of life insurance in the broadest sense of the words and that contains works touching upon the (life) insurance business.

The Foundation does not seek to achieve profit.

Organizational structur


  • Jos Baeten, chair
  • Renée ter Haar, member
  • Astrid Melger, member
  • Annette Pannekoek, member
  • Robert van der Schaaf, secretary
  • Bernhard de Vries, treasurer

• Sigrid Vegter

Remuneration policy
The Foundation does not have any staff. a.s.r. employees are on hand to perform a number of duties; they are paid a fee. These employees are governed by the a.s.r. remuneration policy.

The Board members are not remunerated for their work for the Foundation. They are in fact entitled to an expense allowance provided that the expenses they incur in performing their duties are not excessive.

Contact details
Stichting Kunst & Historisch Bezit ASR Nederland
Archimedeslaan 10, 3584 BA Utrecht / Postbus 2072, 3500 HB Utrecht, the Netherlands


Tax ID no. 8218.68.779 / Chamber of Commerce no.: 30279963

Sigrid Vegter, curator
Phone +31 (0) 6 23 91 26 14