Sustainable purchasing

In its purchasing process, a.s.r. makes allowance for the impact on society, whether it be social, environmental or economic. The implementation of the socially responsible procurement policy focuses on the following aspects:

  1. a.s.r. informs suppliers in advance that environmental and social weighting factors form part of the selection process;
  2. a.s.r. has adopted a set of environmental and social criteria that are used (these are categoryspecific);
  3. a.s.r. challenges its suppliers to come up with alternatives that constitute a better match for today’s environmental and social criteria.
  4. a.s.r. is committed to ensuring that international human rights are respected throughout the production process of the goods and services that are purchased. a.s.r. assesses whether its main suppliers respect human rights and what action is or has been taken to ensure that they do.

When a.s.r. invites tenders, it evaluates whether potential suppliers have subscribed to sustainability intitiatives. If they have not, they are expected to register with FIRA once they have been selected. 89 suppliers of the top 250 of suppliers have now registered with FIRA. a.s.r. engaged 703 new suppliers in 2015. Of these, 69 suppliers have been screened (10%).

a.s.r. started to encourage its key suppliers to pursue verification in 2014. About one-third of its suppliers have now registered with FIRA. a.s.r. motivates these suppliers to aspire to the 'Bronze' level and to increase their impact on society even more. a.s.r. is still in dialogue with a number of other suppliers. Six others have said that they do not want to be registered in the FIRA database. They will be notified that this will be an issue during the next contract negotiations.

Together with Rabobank Nederland, ABN AMRO and a number of other large players, a.s.r. has launched an initiative to join hands to be able to increase its influence on suppliers that are unwilling to register in the FIRA database. As part of this, a.s.r. has posted a FIRA statement on its website.

All new suppliers that were selected by Procurement have agreed to register with FIRA. Alternatively, they should be able to demonstrate that they have in place a sound environmental policy, for instance by having been awarded a quality mark for sustainable crash repairs. The suppliers have verified their policy and they must have achieved Bronze level within one year of having registered. In June 2015, FIRA awarded a.s.r. the 'Silver' level.

Supplier code of conduct
a.s.r. is committed to respecting human rights. Within its sphere of influence, a.s.r. seeks to support the protection of internationally recognized human rights. a.s.r. also attempts to ascertain that it does not become an accessory to an infringements of these rights. a.s.r. demands from its (potential) suppliers that they proactively care for the environment and that they endorse a.s.r.'s position on the environment, human rights and human dignity. With this in mind, any (potential) supplier will notify a.s.r. immediately of any signs that their organization or their (potential) suplliers do not observe the a.s.r. supplier code of conduct.