Mobility policy

a.s.r. has in place an active mobility policy that aims to improve the accessibility of buildings and reduce carbon emissions. In many areas, a.s.r. is making efforts to improve the sustainability of the commuter and business travel of its employees.

To illustrate, the choice of lease car has been limited to cars with a maximum emission of 104 g/km and a mobility budget has been introduced as an alternative to a lease car. In addition, HR, Business Support and Procurement completed the review of options for making the current lease policy more sustainable. This review produced a list of measures that will be fleshed out further in 2015. The carpool scheme is regularly brought to the employees' attention and staff working in the Utrecht office are not permitted to park in the office car park if they live within 12 kilometres' cycling distance.

a.s.r. also facilitated the purchase of an economical bus pass in 2015. Therre are also a number of other schemes to encourage bicycle use, including the Rijnsweerd bike hire scheme, an a.s.r. e-bike with charging points in the bike shed, changing rooms, showers and lockers, and a mobile bicycle repairman.