CO2 Footprint

a.s.r.’s direct footprint consists of waste, fuel, heat, lectricity, cooling, commuter travel and business travel.

In 2016, a.s.r. sought to reduce its direct footprint by 2%. The relocation of Europeesche Verzekeringen (see Housing) resulted in an increase in headcount of 528 FTEs in Utrecht, and as a result the absolute carbon footprint of the a.s.r. head office increased by 6% in 2016. The remaining emissions reduction will be achieved in 2017 via ‘Trees for all’ Gold Standard certificates.  



a.s.r. has undertaken the following commitments to reduce its carbon emissions:

  • Signing of the Paris Pledge and the Dutch Business Sustainable Mobility Pledge;
  • Membership of Dutch Climate Coalition: working together to create a climate-neutral society;
  • MYA 3: achieved more than 50% in savings in 2016 with respect to 2009.