Sustainable business

Balance between people, planet and profit


a.s.r. takes account of sustainability wherever possible.

We seek to be a leader in sustainable business practices in the financial sector, which is in keeping with our role in society. Five focus areas for the sustainability policy have been defined. These are insurance, people, investment, planet and society. 

a.s.r. engages in dialogue with all stakeholders on the principles and objectives of the sustainability policy. To this end, we maintain close contact with internal stakeholders and a broad group of external stakeholders, including customers, regulators, politicians and government ministers, and trade bodies.


Offering security to customers is what lies at the heart of our business.


As an institutional investor, one way in which a.s.r. takes ownership of social responsibility is through the use of ethical and sustainability criteria in its investment policy.


Having a talented, qualified and healthy workforce is key for a.s.r. in achieving its business objectives.


a.s.r. seeks to minimize its impact on nature and the environment.


In addition to sustainable business practices, to a.s.r., social responsibility also involves investing in a broad range of community initiatives.

Codes and guidelines

a.s.r. has a public duty to act as a responsible insurer and investor. As a proof a.s.r. has signed the following national and international standards and agreements.