What we do


ASR Bank N.V. is a 100% subsidiairy of ASR Nederland N.V. en had its own banking license, and its own policy and managing board. 

ASR Bank N.V. develops banking products for the Dutch market. More than 6,000 intermediaries, who have signed a partnership agreement with a.s.r., sell these products to retail customers.

The bank's active products are the a.s.r. online savings account and the bank-savings products, i.e. an annuity account, the Extra Pensioen Uitkering (extra pension benefits) product and the extra Pensioen Beleggen product.

Supervisors and Governance

ASR Bank N.V. operates according to the governance structure of the Dutch Banking Code Accountability Report.


Governance and organization

Managing board

The Managing Board is responsible for achieving the company's objectives, strategy and associated risk profile and the development of the results.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board supervises the Management Board and the general affairs of a.s.r. Bank. In addition, the Supervisory Board advises the Executive Board.

ASR Bank N.V. Annual reports

ASR Bank N.V. Annual reports 2009 - 2015 (in Dutch).