About a.s.r.


a.s.r.'s rich history begins in 1720 with the start of the N.V. Maatschappij van Assurantie, Discontering en Beleening der Stad Rotterdam. But the foundation of our current organization was laid in 2000 with the merger of Fortis AMEV and ASR Group (consisting of De Amersfoortse, Stad Rotterdam Verzekeringen and Woudsend Verzekeringen).

  • 1720
    Establishment of N.V. Maatschappij van Assurantie, Discontering en Beleening der Stad Rotterdam anno 1720 [...]

    Stad Rotterdam, the oldest insurance company on the European continent, was a household name in the insurance world for nearly three centuries. Traditionally , Stad Rotterdam specialized in insuring ocean-going vessels – not a surprising choice in a port city such as Rotterdam.

    Other activities undertaken by Stad Rotterdam included pledging and discounting money and – to a lesser extent – providing fire insurance coverage.

    Establishment of N.V. Maatschappij van Assurantie, Discontering en Beleening der Stad Rotterdam anno 1720
  • 1816
    Establishment of Woudsend Verzekeringen [...]

    Onderlinge Brandwaarborg-maatschappij Woudsend U.A., a mutual association, was established in 1816. The principle of a mutual insurer was a new concept at the time. The policyholders stood surety for each other in the event of claims. 

    The name was changed to N.V. Verzekeringsmaatschappij Holland-Woudsend in 1950. Things went downhill for Holland-Woudsend in the late 1960s. The company started to suffer losses and went looking for a partner, which it found in Stad Rotterdam. 

    Establishment of Woudsend Verzekeringen
  • 1847
    Establishment of Let op Uw Einde [...]

    There was hardly greater shame for people in the nineteenth century than having to be buried like a pauper.

    With this in mind, D. Stolwerk and W.P. Ingenegeren established Let op Uw Einde, a funeral expenses fund, in Utrecht on 6 December 1847. In exchange for a small fee, members of the fund were guaranteed a decent burial. After just 25 years, Let op Uw Einde had become the largest funeral expenses insurer in the Netherlands.

    Establishment of Let op Uw Einde
  • 1883
    Establishment of De Utrecht (predecessor to AMEV) [...]

    In 1883, the Board of Let op Uw Einde established Levensverzekering Maatschappij Utrecht. De Utrecht, as it was known, focused mostly on newly created  endowment insurance  and annuities, which were calculated using complex actuarial principles. Let op Uw Einde was dissolved in 1894, at which time the insurance portfolio was transferred to De Utrecht. 

    Establishment of De Utrecht (predecessor to AMEV)
  • 1920
    Establishment of Europeesche Verzekeringen [...]

    The origins of Europeesche Verzekeringen can be traced back to Hungary. Timber merchant Max von Engel established Europäische Reisegepäck-Versicherungs A.G. in Budapest in 1907. Von Engel exclusively offered travel insurance. His aim was to create a network of branches throughout Europe, which he succeeded in doing. By 1928, he had no fewer than 22 branches in all major European cities.

    The Dutch branch by the name of ‘Europeesche’ was established on 25 May 1920 in partnership with Müncher Rück and Dutch Railways. 

  • 1964
    Establishment of De Amersfoortse [...]

    De Amersfoortse was originally a Protestant non-profit initiative. Het Wit-Blauwe Kruis, a foundation whose aim was to promote the construction of Protestant hospitals in the Netherlands, was established in 1938. Insurance policies were sold as a way of raising funds for this purpose. 

    The foundation was converted into a public company by the name of N.V. Amersfoortse Algemene Verzekeringsmaatschappij – De Amersfoortse for short – in 1964. 

    Establishment of De Amersfoortse
  • 1965
    Establishment of Ardanta [...]

    Ardanta started out under the name Algemene Nederlandse Begrafenisverzekering en Verzorgingsmaatschappij (ANBV) in 1965. AMEV acquired Ardanta in 1982. 

  • 1981
    1981 Falcon Life [...]

    Falcon Life created from Mercator Life

  • 1990
    Merger between AMEV and VSB Group [...]

    AMEV and VSB Group were the first bancassurance groups to merge. Until 1990, the two-tier regime prevented insurance companies and banks from being members of the same group. 

    Merger between AMEV and VSB Group
  • 1990
    Merger between AG Group and AMEV/VSB [...]

    The merger between Belgian-based AG Group and AMEV/VSB was the first cross-border merger in the financial sector. The merger took place on the initiative of the CEOs of the two companies, i.e. Hans Bartelds and Maurice Lippens. 

    Merger between AG Group and AMEV/VSB
  • 2000
    2000 Merger Between ASR Group and Fortis AMEV [...]

    2000 Merger between ASR Group and Fortis AMEV, Fortis's Dutch insurance operations.

  • 2005
    2005 Integration [...]

    2005 Integration of insurance operations of Stad Rotterdam, AMEV, Woudsend Verzekeringen into Fortis ASR.

  • 2008
    Developments 2008 [...]

    The State of the Netherlands has been a.s.r.’s only shareholder since October 2008. Until 2008, a.s.r. was a division of Fortis and operated under the name Fortis Verzekeringen Nederland. The State’s participation in a.s.r. is the direct result of the nationalization of the Dutch divisions of Fortis, which collapsed in 2008. 



    Developments 2008
  • 2015
    Development 2015 [...]

    Dutch government takes decision on sale of a.s.r.

    Finance Minister Dijsselbloem sent a letter to the Lower House of Dutch Parliament informing the Members that the Cabinet had decided to initiate the selling process for a.s.r. The Minister plans to ask NLFI and a.s.r. to start preparing for an IPO, so that privatization will become an option from the first half of 2016.

  • 2016
    Listing Euronext stock exchange [...]

    10 June at 9:00 AM. From that moment on ASR Nederland N.V. is listed on Euronext Amsterdam. NL Financial Investments (NLFI) currently holds approximately 63,7% of the shares. Eventually all shares will be placed on het market in trances.

  • 2017
    The Dutch State completes the full divestment of a.s.r. [...]

    On the 14th of September, NLFI sells the last 20.5% stake in a.s.r. The Dutch State has completed the full divestment of a.s.r.and brings all the shares of a.s.r. back to the private market since October 2008.

  • 2019