Social role of a.s.r.

Sustainable purchasing

Assessing suppliers on their impact on the society

a.s.r. considers it important to operate in a responsible and sustainable manner. It also expects this from its suppliers.


a.s.r. does not do business with partners involved in crime or other socially undesirable acts such as money laundering, fraud or the financing of terrorism. This may endanger its reputation and integrity. a.s.r. has a Customer Due self-reliance Diligence (CDD) policy that requires screening before a contract is signed. The contract management policy also stipulates that a screening is carried out periodically. If, in the opinion of a.s.r., there is reason to doubt the integrity of a supplier, appropriate measures are taken.

Socially Responsible Procurement policy

a.s.r. imposes additional requirements on its suppliers in the areas of the environment, human rights and working conditions. These requirements are part of the procurement contracts concluded between a.s.r. and its suppliers. The main objective of the Social Responsible Procurement (SRP) policy is to be in dialogue with suppliers on these socially relevant themes. This subject is therefore a recurrent agenda item in the (board) meetings between a.s.r. and its suppliers. For 2017, the Procurement department’s objective was to add a specified SRP supplement to the contracts with the ten most strategic suppliers. This target was achieved by a.s.r. Since medio 2017, this annex has also been a standard part of the contract set used by a.s.r. In this way, all new suppliers automatically implement the SRP policy.