Social role of a.s.r.

Social Cultural Foundation of De Amersfoortse

For years now, De Amersfoortse has had a social and cultural fund by the name of Stichting Sociaal Cultureel Fonds, which is referred to as the A Fund. The goal of the A Fund is to promote social and cultural activities in general and in the greater Amersfoort area in particular. The fund, which was dubbed A Fund in 1982, has its roots in Stichting Het Wit-Blauwe Kruis, which was established in 1938. The members of the Board are Mr J.C. van Ek (chair), Mr H.J. Volkers (secretary), Mr P.J. Scholten, Ms J.T.H. Baltus and Ms A.M.G. Mosch.

Applications for a financial contribution to a social and cultural activity are accepted only if they are submitted by a foundation, association or suchlike; individuals cannot apply in principle. The application should come with a description of the event/activity and the related budget. The contributions made by the fund are one-off; they are not recurring in nature. The contributions range from some hundreds of euros to no more than a few thousand. The A Fund allows De Amersfoortse, which operates nation-wide, to make a contribution to the local community in the greater Amersfoort area.


Jan Volkers, phonenummer: + 31 (0) 6 538 76 388 

Annette Mosch,  phonenummer: + 31 (0) 30 464 28 82