Social role of a.s.r.


a.s.r. is committed to conserving cultural and social heritage, which is why it is involved in a number of nation-wide and local foundations. The local ties mostly stem from te past presence of an a.s.r. division in a city of town.


Social Cultural Foundation of De Amersfoortse

The Social Cultural Foundation of De Amersfoortse supports various social and cultural activities in Amersfoort and the surrounding area. 


Foundation for Art & Historical Artefacts

The purpose of the Foundation for Art & Historical Property is twofold; firstly they want a.s.r.’s rich company history retained. In addition, the Foundation tries to make the art accessible to employees and thus contribute to an inspiring work environment.


Stad Rotterdam anno 1720 Foundation

​The Stad Rotterdam anno 1720 Foundation supports projects in the Rotterdam region with regards to education, social-cultural development, social work and care.


Woudsend anno 1816 Foundation

​The Woudsend anno 1816 Foundation donates funds to non-profit organizations and institutions that support social projects for care and wellbeing, nature, the environment, the arts and culture.


Ambachtsheerlijkheid Cromstrijen Foundation

The country estate Ambachtsheerlijkheid Cromstrijen, located in the province of Zuid-Holland, dates back to the year 1492. The Foundation preserves the estate’s social and cultural heritage, for example via an unique archive regarding the region.​


Carel Nengerman Foundation

The city and province of Utrecht are key for the Carel Nengerman Foundation. The fund supports cultural and nature-related projects that occur in the city and province.