Social role of a.s.r.

a.s.r. foundation

a.s.r. foundation plays an important role in sharing knowledge and raising enthusiasm and in making it possible for colleagues to increase their social responsibility. Increasing financial self-reliance in the Netherlands is one of a.s.r. Foundation's key priorities.

a.s.r. foundation and financial self-reliance

As a financial service provider, a.s.r. believes it is important that people have financial continuity in their lives and that they are able to take responsible risks and make conscious financial choices, in such a way that they have their finances in order in the long and short term – in short, that they are financially self-reliant. Some people do not find this easy, and need help. We therefore initiate projects which help people make conscious financial choices. Being able to read and being numerically literate, being able to manage money and keep proper financial records are all part of this. Our aim is to prevent people from getting into debt, or helping them escape from it.


The objectives of the foundation are:

  • To encourage financial self-reliance and awareness by developing activities in collaboration with various public interest groups;
  • To actively contribute to projects stemming from the social partnership of a.s.r. Foundation with football club F.C. Utrecht;
  • To encourage a.s.r. employees to take part in community initiatives, both during and outside working hours. The Stimulansplan incentive plan has been created to facilitate employees'volunteering activities in their spare time.

The a.s.r. Foundation activities can be broken down into three main groups:

Social team-building

This involves departments raising money for charity. The focus lies on organizations that truly need a helping hand.

Incentive plan

To encourage volunteering in a private setting, employees can apply for an individual incentive once a year. No financial donations are made if an application involves sponsorship only.


The a.s.r. Foundation initiated and funded various projects throughout the year; these projects were carried out with the help of a.s.r. employees.

Project Description Input from a.s.r.
Reading to primary school children and/or children in childcare National Reading Breakfast Reading to children and serving a healthy breakfast: 43 employees
Sustainability Day Reading to children about sustainability: 7 employees
Feyenoord Reading-Aloud Book, Adventures with Monkey, Cow, Zebra Developing and launching the book
Teaching financial guest classes to primary school children (ages 10, 11 and 12) Money Week Teaching guest classes in financial literacy to school children: 60 employees
Social partnership with Feyenoord football club Teaching classes to a school on Feyenoord Schoolweek *
Giving financial education to junior college students (youngsters in the ages between 15 and 22) Guest classes for Stichting LEF taught to youngsters to give them an understanding of their financial situation and teach them what they need to do to realise their dreams Trained 26 employees to become guest teachers; 18 teachers taught a four-class module
Organising a financial scavenger hunt in De Kuip football stadium (180 children in the ages between 9 and 12) Teaching children how to do arithmetic in a playful way during a workshop for the Feyenoord Street League Helping children solve sums: 7 employees
Financial Volunteers: helping low-income earners to organise their finances and records to create a solid basis for them to build on Teaming up with Stichting De Tussenvoorziening to provide assistance to patrons in Utrecht 31 Financial Volunteers: helping 35 patrons with their finances
Together with Feyenoord Jobscorer and Humanitas, coaching Rotterdam-based young disabled persons with a labour market disadvantage who are gaining work experience at Feyenoord football club
Teaching a financial literacy workshop for parents from deprived areas in Rotterdam Workshop with game-play on learning objectives with a focus on five themes (pocket money, expenditures, overview, mobile and temptation) Developing the workshop together with the Dutch National Institute for Family Finance Information (NIBUD) and Feyenoord; helping to teach the workshop: 14 employees
Mentoring/coaching: helping people who used to be homeless to improve their presentation skills and pinpointing their talents in order to allow them to take their first steps towards a meaningful way to spend their day Initiated a pilot with HR departments In Beweging (On the Move) and the Talent Development Programme Training 9 employees as mentors; they can start in this Programme in 2017

* Helped develop the third edition of the Feyenoord textbook for Feyenoord Schoolweek.