Sustainable business

Social role of a.s.r.

In 2017, a.s.r. spent € 1,402,743 on donations, gifts and social partnerships. This amount also includes a calculation of the time spent by a.s.r. staff on volunteer work. 

The above amount is composed as follows:
1. Cash contributions (+/- 45% of total expenditure):

  • Charitable donations
    Co-workers may submit a Stimulus Plan asking for a financial contribution for volunteer work that they perform in their environment.
  • Social partnerships
    a.s.r. is a social partner of FC Utrecht football club and the Giovanni van Bronckhorst Foundation and is a partner of a number of (social) organisations relating to financial self-reliance.
  • Donations from the foundations
    a.s.r. contributes to cultural and social heritage through its close involvement with a number of foundations, which were funded by a.s.r. or its legal predecessor.

2. Time (+/- 15% of total expenditure):
In 2017, co-workers spent 5,441 hours of volunteer work in total on Social Team activities, i.e. rolling up their sleeves at a civil society organisation. In addition, co-workers also spent 106 hours following reanimation training.

3. In-kind giving (+/- 40% of total expenditure):
In 2017, co-workers spent 3,996 hours of volunteer work in total on projects in the context of financial self-reliance. a.s.r. also donated products, services and non-financial items.

Management overhead has not been included in the above because it is not possible to make a robust monetary estimate for this.

a.s.r. foundation
a.s.r. foundation initiates projects on awareness and financial self-reliance. By teaching and supporting people in reading and arithmetic, being able to handle money and organising their financial administration, a.s.r. contributes to financial self-reliance (SDG 1). a.s.r. also adheres to and executes the ethics manifesto ‘From Debts to Opportunities’: customers who are behind on payments are approached in a timely and pro-active manner to resolve their payment problems (SDG 8).

a.s.r. is committed to conserving cultural and social heritage, which is why the company is involved in a number of nation-wide and local foundations. The local ties mostly stem from the past presence of an a.s.r. division in a city or town.

a.s.r. is convinced that it is important to pay attention to its own direct footprint and sets a good example as a responsible company by limiting its negative impact on the environment. a.s.r. therefore sets the ambition to become 100% carbon-neutral by 2020 (SDG 7).