Helping by taking action

Under this motto, the a.s.r. Foundation undertook activities that allow employees to actively contribute to the community. Within this context, employees took part in sports events, not only as athletes, but also as organizers and volunteers. These events are often linked to a charity, such as taking part in city runs or organized bicycle rides.

Where possible, a.s.r. also supports commendable initiatives or develops its own projects to help individuals or groups of people.

Helping by taking action

De Hartstocht

It has now become something of a tradition that at the end of each year Ditzo gives part of its marketing and TV budget for healt insurance to a campaign to improve medical care.

This year, Ditzo decided to fight cardiovascualr disease, the leading cause of death in women. A blue velvet toy heart was sent on a trip around the Netherlands to cover as many kilometres as possible and raise funds for researchi into this fatal disease in women. In total, the campaign raised € 307,650 which was donated to the Cardiovascualr Centre of the Utrecht University Hospital.

De Andere Tour

a.s.r. bicycle event De Andere Tour (The Other Tour) was a summer event in 2015 for the over -60s; the event was organized by Marketing and the pension business during the Tour de France.

During The Other Tour, the 42-strong a.s.r. bycicle team completet all 21 stages of the Tour de France on a single tandem bicycle. The team rode the same stages as te profession cyclists, only a day earlier. They too started in Utrecht, climbed the Alpe d'Huez and sprinted toward the finish line on the Champs-Elysées. The team was in the capable hands of Thomas Dekker, a former professional cyclist.

This platform, which was launched by De Amersfoortse in 2014, invested € 820,000 in 20 succesfull projects in its first year. In 2015, 60 projects were funded. 

This year, the website attracted more than 355,000 unique visitors and 4,957 investors came forward. Since the start of Doorgaan, nearly € 1,8 million raised from crowd funding and by De Amersfoortse has been invested in businesses. The website attracts an average of 7,000 visitors per week and more than one million people visited the platform; the Facebook page has been liked more than 13,000 time and the crouwd funding videos have been viewed on Facebook over 10 million times.

Care Too-campaign

The Ditzo Zorgmee (Care Too) campaign which was started in the health insurance switching season of 2014, supported nine healthcare initiatives in 2015, contributing a total amount of € 410,000. Through this campaign, Ditzo wants to make a structural contribution to improving healthcare in the Netherlands.

Everyone was invited to contribute to the campaign, both customers and non-customers. Besides starting a debate on healthcare in the Netherlands, Ditzo wants to raise funds for concrete healthcare initiatives. The overarching idea was that we should not only take care of ourselves, but also look after others. Ditzo doubled every donation made.

The funds raised in 2015 were used to buy a passenger van for the National Fund for the Elderly, to launch the 'sport as a drug'project and to open a music studio for children in Almere. Most of the donations, i.e. 60%, went towards projects for the elderly. 23% was donated to causes for young people and 17% to families.

The campaign was continued throughout 2015. This year, Ditzo showed how the money was spent and how the projects contributed to the Dutch healthcare system. Ditzo wants to keep the debate on healtcare alive, even outside the health insurance switching season. For the results of the Zorgmee campaign, please visit the website Dizo/Zorgmee (Dutch only).

Andere Spelen

With the Andere Spelen campaign a.s.r. supports children to lead more active lives and it gives unknown sports a podium. At the end of 2014 a large event was organized in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht where children could try out all sorts of sports.

But the Andere Spelen is’t finished yet. Because for the young people between 7 and 18 years old there is the free play card. With this play card they could try other sports, for example a couple of try outs for Bossaball, Ultimate Frisbee or Fierljeppen.

The play card is free, is valid for one year and the try outs are also free.

Rid the world of cancer campaign

In 2013, insurance company Ditzo decided to spend its entire marketing budget on a TV commercial publicizing a cancer research campaign. On the website, former Dutch footballer John de Wolf encouraged Dutch viewers to ‘rid the world of cancer’ by watching the video, and above all by sharing it with family and friends.

a.s.r. donated 1 euro to the research department of specialist oncology hospital Antoni van Leeuwenhoek each time the platform was visited, and 2 euros for each visitor who shared the video. The campaign was so successful that the target of one million euros was raised in just a few days.

Ardanta's website is geared to what its customers want and expect.

In short, the platform allows customers to educate themselves about the ins and outs of funeral arrangements and the need for taking out funeral expenses insurance. And they can explore what they want their funeral to look like. 

The website proved a great success, its most popular feature being a tool for calculating funeral expenses.

a.s.r. helps advisors

Regional advisers who serve customers each day sometimes also need help to raise their own profile, since they often lack the necessary expertise and/or financial resources to do so.

This gave a.s.r. the idea of making available its advertising and marketing know-how to a group of 49 selected advisers in exchange for a nominal fee.

As well as getting publicity for their services on local radio, they were also able to have posters printed to appear on local billboards.

a.s.r. and Blijdorp Rotterdam Zoo

In 2013, by donating its shirt sponsorship rights with Feyenoord football club to Blijdorp Rotterdam Zoo, a.s.r. was able to help the zoo raise funds after the council withdrew its municipal grant. The fund-raising campaign was accompanied by a TV commercial featuring footballer Giovanni van Bronckhorst with Olli, a huge stuffed toy elephant.

Olli was specially designed for Blijdorp. Following the ad, there was a run on sales of the mascot in the special area created for it at Blijdorp on the first day of sale. And in December, the zoo’s souvenir ship sold its 100,000th Olli. A large share of the proceeds went directly to Blijdorp, and the zoo was also able to welcome an extra 75,000 visitors as a result.

a.s.r. and Blijdorp Rotterdam Zoo