a.s.r. foundation

a.s.r. Foundation plays an important role in sharing knowledge and raising enthusiasm and in making it possible for colleagues to increase their social responsibility. Increasing financial self-reliance in the Netherlands is one of a.s.r. Foundation's key priorities.


The objectives of the foundation are:

  • To encourage financial self-reliance and awareness by developing activities in collaboration with various public interest groups;
  • To actively contribute to projects stemming from the social partnerships of a.s.r. Foundation, for instance with Feyenoord football club;
  • To encourage a.s.r. employees to take part in community initiatives, both during and outside working hours. The Stimulansplan incentive plan has been created to facilitate employees'volunteering activities in their spare time.

The a.s.r. Foundation activities can be broken down into three main groups:

Social team-building

This involves departments raising money for charity. The focus lies on organizations that truly need a helping hand.

Incentive plan

To encourage volunteering in a private setting, employees can apply for an individual incentive once a year. No financial donations are made if an application involves sponsorship only.


The a.s.r. Foundation initiated and funded various projects throughout the year; these projects were carried out with the help of a.s.r. employees.

Projects undertaken in 2015 include:

* Knowledge-sharing to increase financial self-reliance

- Money Week
As a member of the Dutch Association of Insurers and the Dutch Banking Association, a.s.r. actively partakes in Money Week with the goal of teaching primary school children to become financially literate. In 2015, during the fifth annual Money Week, 63 a.s.r. employees from all walks of the organization, including members of the Executive Board and senior management, taught guest classes to various ages of primary school children. Within the context of Money Week, sepatate classes were also taught in 2015 to the Feyenoord Street League 

- LEF (Life & Finance)
This is an innovative platform for the financial education of youngsters between the ages of 15 and 22. LEF helps them to understand their financial situation and teaches them what they need to do to make a wish come true or reach a goal. It also tells them about potential pitfalls and challenges. LEF focuses primarily on the 500,000 young people who attend junior college. LEF is supported by a great many financial institutions, including a.s.r. The initiative is driven by enthusiastic financial advisers who are keen to share their experience and professional practice in the classroom. The goal is to have each student take at least one LEF course, which consists of four 1.5-hour classes. LEF can already count on broad support in the financial sector, but more guest teachers from the financial world are needed. In 2015, 23 a.s.r. employees were trained to teach guest classes in 2015. 

- Financial volunteer at home
In 2015, the Financial Volunteer at Home project was kicked off in combination with local home or accounting assistance initiatves. In this context, a.s.r. employees help low-income earners in financial difficulties to organize financial bearings. In tot, 15 colleagues, including Chris Figee, Executive Board member, have taken on the role of Financial Volunteer at Home. Two colleagues provide other home accounting services within the scope of local projects.on by a.s.r. for 140 primary school children from Rotterdam-Zuid.

- Reading proficiency activities
The a.s.r. foundation has set up a number of activities that involve employees reading to pupils, for instance in primary schools or daycare centres. On 21 January 2015, National Reading Breakfast Day, 16 collegues read to primary school children. a.s.r. offered them a healthy breakfast while they were being read to. In partnership with Feyenoord football club, a.s.r. put together a reading book that was presented during a breakfast session put on by a.s.r. for 140 primary school children form Rotterdam-Zuid.

* Social partner of Feyenoord football club

As part of the sponsorship and partner agreement with Feyenoord, the a.s.r. foundation undertakes various community activities in collaboration with the Rotterdam-based football club under the name Feyenoord in Society. Within this context, a.s.r. developed a customized textbook that is used by various primary schools in Rotterdam to teach ten to twelve-year-olds. These initiatives often come with a need for financial education, which is where a.s.r. employees can help, for instance by teaching guest classes using the Fix Your Risk game or the Cash Quiz from Money Week.

Besides Feyenoord, the a.s.r. foundation also supports projects undertaken by the Giovanni van Bronckhorst Foundation.