Sustainable business



Offering security to customers is what lies at the heart of our business. Customers need to be able to rely on a.s.r. meeting its financial obligations because a.s.r.e nters into long-term liabilities such as pension contracts. That is why sustainable financial robustness is essential and one of our top priorities.

The products and services a.s.r. offers meet the needs of the customers; in addition to being subject to an in-house review, they are also assessed by consumers and employers or a selection of customers. Market surveys, social media, customer behaviour surveys and customer panels are just some of the instruments a.s.r. uses to identify about its customers' needs.

Customer Interest Dashboard

​For a.s.r. and its customers continuity and trust are of great importance. That is why we work hard on fully transparent products and services. 

a.s.r. attaches great value to offering the most transparant products and services. That is why a.s.r. is open and honest about its rating in the AFM's Customer Centricity Dashboard. This annual survey by the regulator benchmarks the extent to which Dutch financial institutions focus on customer interests in their products, services and processes. a.s.r. achieved a score of 3.4 out of 5 on the Dashboard for 2014/2015. Although this corresponds with the average score for the financial sector, it is 0.2 lower than last year when a.s.r. scored 3.6.

Customer-Oriented Insurance Quality Mark

The Customer-Oriented Insurance Quality Mark (Dutch accronym: KKV) is a mark of the quality of service and customer focus of insurerers. When an insurer holds this quality mark, customers can count on receiving clear information, insurance that meets their needs and a first-rate service. The quality mark allows insurance companies to demonstrate that customer focus is truly top-of-mind for the and that they are audited for being customer-friendly. The a.s.r., De Amersfoortse, Ditzo and Europeesche verzekeringen labels have all been awarded the quality mark. After the most recent survey by the Dutch Insurance Review Agency to continiously monitor the performance of all labels rather than once every two years.

Ardanta does not carry the Customer-Oriented Insurance Quality Mark. It did start to develop various intitiatives in 2015 to offer better client service, including featuring customer journeys such as 'Being a Customer' and 'Surviving Dependant'.

Improving processes

a.s.r. is continuously looking to improve the processes that are in place to help customers, for instance by assisting unit-linked policyholders and by simplifying the productoffering. a.s.r. is constantly making sure that prospective and existing customers can access and understand the information it provides.

In addition, a.s.r. improves its processes based on customer feedback e.f. from the closed loop customer feedback (CLF). Closed loop customer feedback is important because it enables employees to solicit feedback from customers on a continuous basis, translate it into ideas for improvement and implement targeted improvements. Another key instrument that contributed to process improvements in 2015 is that of customer journeys. By engaging with customers about how a.s.r. handled their claim, a.s.r. identified and implemented concrete improvements.