a.s.r. executives read out at primary schools on national Sustainability Day


Monday, October 10th was national Sustainability Day (Dag van de Duurzaamheid). The day started with reading out a story in many primary schools throughout the country. Mayors, Dutch celebrities, parents and some members of the a.s.r. management read out from a specially designed textbook  'The world of plastic'.

Contribution a.s.r.

Reading is the basis of financial education. Therefore a.s.r. wants to play a leading role in the field of sustainability and supports the national Sustainability Day. A.s.r. contributed financially to the making of the textbook. In addition, several a.s.r. executives read out at the Daltonschool Rijnsweerd.


The national Sustainability Day is an initiative of Urgenda, an independent foundation that wants to make the Netherlands sustainable sooner, in association with others. On this day Urgenda wants to show that there are already thousands of sustainability initiatives.