Investment policy

Offering security to our customers is the reason a.s.r. exists. We are therefore very careful when investing the premiums that customers pay for their insurance. We always want to be able to meet our financial obligations. We also offer the assurance that we invest socially responsible.

​a.s.r. also has obligations to its shareholders and financial backers. For them, a.s.r. seeks to create a good balance between responsible and attractive returns on their capital investment in a.s.r.

Remuneration policy

Promoting and maintaining the integrity and solidity of our organization is the key theme of a.s.r.’s remuneration policy. The long term interests of all of our stakeholders form an important part of this. Our remuneration policy stimulates our employees to devote their efforts in the interests of clients and other stakeholders within the limits of the duty of due care.

The Executive Board annually sets a number of themes based on the company's objectives. These are the basis for the personal goals of employees. For 2018 these are:

Customer: an appointment based on the goal of improving our services

Financial: agreements regarding the financial KPI’s in the multi-year budget 2018

CSR: an agreement based on the purpose of working with social responsibility and contributing to a better world

Own-content per business unit: an appointment based on a specific purpose for the particular business, for example in the field of innovation.

Healthcare procurement policy

Our healthcare procurement policy details how a.s.r. Ziektekosten negotiates contracts with healthcare providers. Our aim is to make this process more transparent, both for healthcare providers and for a.s.r. Ziektekosten itself. The policy explains how our procurement protects patients’ interests, ensures affordable care and makes a meaningful contribution to society.

a.s.r. Code of conduct

The a.s.r. code of conduct describes the appropriate attitude and conduct that we expect from each other. It forms a guideline for our actions and our decisions, and helps us to perform our duties properly, and with due care and integrity. It also forms the guideline for how we interact with customers and with each other, without distinction in, for example, gender or cultural background and how we take responsibility for the environment in which we work and live. The a.s.r. code of conduct does not release us from our own responsibility to take well-considered decisions on how to act in certain situations.

Rules for Insider Trading and Private Investment Transactions

These Rules for Insider Trading and Private Investment Transactions (‘the Rules’) set out the rules for private investment transactions in both listed and unlisted financial instruments and for how to handle inside information. They also contain rules governing transactions in financial instruments issued by a.s.r.

Policy on fair disclosure and bilateral dialoque

This document sets out the Company's policy on fair disclosure of information and Bilateral Dialogue with the Company's shareholders. This policy is complementary to, and subject to, the Company's articles of association, the internal rules of the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board, and applicable laws and regulations. 

Whistleblowing Procedure a.s.r.

Voting policy

We have developed a voting policy that ties in with the Dutch Corporate Governance Code. The policy formalizes the principles underlying our role as an investor. 

Voting accountability

The voting accountability describes how we treat our right to vote at shareholder meetings. 

Dividend policy

Every year, the General Meeting of ASR Nederland N.V.'s shareholders, decide which part of the profit is reserved and how much is paid out as dividend. The (interim) dividend payments take place on basis of the Dutch Civil Code and regulations regarding dividend policy.

Diversity policy

a.s.r. is committed to an inclusive culture. For the company’s success it is important that employees are competent, but also that they are sufficiently different from one another. Difference in views, cultures, knowledge and experiences contribute to realising a.s.r.’s objectives and are used and deployed positively in innovative solutions for our customers.

a.s.r. uses the following definition of diversity: A balanced composition of the workforce, based on age, gender, cultural or social origin, competencies, views and working styles.

Auditor Independence Policy

Rules of procedure Disclosurecommissie ASR Nederland N.V.