The Dutch Code of conduct for insurers

a.s.r. is a member of the Association of Insurers and is therefore well connected to the developments in Brussels. This makes the Dutch Association of Insurers particularly through its membership of the European umbrella organization of (re) insurers Insurance Europe. At Insurance Europe trade associations of insurers of all 27 EU member states are affiliated, plus those from a number of neighboring countries. Insurance Europe represents the interests of all types of insurers, including large pan-European banking insurers, mutual insurers and reinsurers. For more information:

Code of conduct for insurers

Oath or affirmation

With effect from 1 April, everyone working at a.s.r. will be asked to take an oath or affirmation.

Our code of conduct helps us to do our job with due care and integrity. We believe it is vital that our employees adhere to these rules of conduct. To stress the importance we attach to this principle, we want every person who (regularly) provides services for or on behalf of a.s.r. to take the oath or affirmation. By taking the oath or affirmation, each employee promises that he or she will abide by the code of conduct.

The Dutch Code of Conduct for insurers shows that the sector is committed to achieving a balance between commercial growth and social progress focusing on treating customers fairly. The Code was written based on the core values that were defined in 2009, i.e. certainty, enablement and social responsibility. 

Banking Code

The Banking Code applies to all activities performed in or directed towards the Netherlands by banks established in the Netherlands and licensed by the Nederlandsche Bank pursuant to Section 2:11 of the Financial Supervision Act. In the event of overlap or contradiction with international legislation or the policy of regulators, this prevails over self-regulation such as the Banking Code.