Governance and organization

What does the organizational structure of a.s.r. look like? How is supervision regulated? And what is the significance of the Dutch state being the sole shareholder? 

Executive Board

​The Executive Board is responsible for the realization of corporate objectives, the strategy with its associated risks and the development of the results. The Executive Board takes the interests of the entire company into consideration.

Rules of procedure Executive Board of ASR Nederland N.V. (only available in Dutch)
Appendix A: whistleblowing Procedure of ASR Nederland N.V.


Supervisory Board

The task of the Supervisory Board is to supervise the policies of the Executive Board and the general state of affairs at a.s.r. The Supervisory Board also advises the Executive Board. The Board consists of four members from various professional backgrounds. They offer a.s.r. a wide range of experience and expertise in the financial sector, combined with an excellent reputation, verified by regulators.

Rules of procedure Supervisory Board of ASR Nederland N.V.

Appendix A: Profile of the Supervisory Board
Appendix B: Retirement schedule of the Supervisory Board
Appendix C: Regulations for the Audit & Risk Committee of the Supervisory Board
Appendix D: Regulations of the Selection & Appointment Committee of the Supervisory Board
Appendix E: Regulations of the Remuneration Committee of the Supervisory Board

Corporate Governance