a.s.r. signs Ethical Manifesto for dealing with customers with late payments

a.s.r. joined a group of companies that commit themselves to customers with late payments to help them proactively in finding a solution. This national coalition has laid down rules of conduct in an ethical manifesto that recently was signed by CEO Jos Baeten. Various insurance companies, energy companies, telecom providers, housing corporations and debt collection and bailiff's offices have been connected.

Under the name ' From debt to opportunities', Delta Lloyd Foundation made the start for a nationwide coalition of companies earlier this year. The coalition is committed to make sure that customers with late payments will be approached in a timely and positive manner for a solution to their payment problems.

The companies that united have laid down their rules of conduct in an ethical manifesto. Its content aligns very well with the values of a.s.r. and to an important extent with the current practice regarding customers with late payments. By signing the manifesto recently a.s.r. has joined this initiative recently.

Health insurer CZ is one of the pioneers and has already gained experience with a different approach to bad - or not - paying customers. CZ seeks contact with customers as soon as they have a late payment of more than a month. ‘Our customers have reasons not to pay. We try to offer tailor-made solutions. For example, if they will receive unemployment benefits after only two months, we will just wait for our money.’'

CZ affects five times more payment arrangements than before and they are respected much better. CZ reports that there was a loss of 20 million euros annually in 2010 due to bad premium payments. Last year the loss was around 10 million euros. Depreciation charges on uncollectible premiums are cut in half.

The various business lines will implement the concrete expression of this initiative, also because the Manifest contains ambitions for the longer term (to 2020). The current participants are still ' in development ' to entirely meet the intentions of the manifesto.

Director of Clients Gilbert Mattu is the interlocutor of the coalition and first point of contact within a.s.r.