a.s.r. in mid-cap index Euronext Amsterdam

Starting from the 19th of September the a.s.r. shares will be quoted on the mid-cap index of Euronext Amsterdam. The decision was made based on, among other aspects, the value of the shares and the number of transactions of the a.s.r. shares. 

Every quarter of the year Euronext evaluates the equity funds for the ranking in the market indices. After the launch on the 10th of June the a.s.r. stock will now be added to in the mid-cap dex. The Amsterdam Stock Exchange incorporates 3 indices: AEX for the 25 largest and most traded funds, the AMX for the 25 following funds and the ASCX for 25 (relative) small funds. The a.s.r. stock is now added to the AMX.

Michel Hülters, head of Investor Relations and Ratings: ‘This is a benefit voor a.s.r. There is a group of institutional investors that is mandated by their principals only to invest in large ore medium-sized funds which are quoted in an index. By the acceptance in the AMX these investors can add  a.s.r. to their investment portfolio.’