Who we are


a.s.r.’s strategie is based on four principles: treating customers fairly, disciplined underwriting and pricing, cost control, and maintaining a solid financial framework.


Treating customers fairly

a.s.r. offers customers simple, transparent products that fulfil their wishes. Propositions are field-tested and changes in customers’ wishes and needs are closely monitored so that they can be satisfied. Moreover, we make constant improvements in our services to customers and the intermediaries that advise them. Customer and intermediary satisfaction is closely monitored by means of feedback, including the Net Promoter Score. We also aim to make our organizational structure more straightforward so that we can respond quickly to changes in market conditions or customer needs.

Disciplined underwriting and pricing

a.s.r. seeks to maintain discipline in the areas of underwriting and pricing. We also aim to deepen our knowledge of customer behaviours and enhance our expertise in the areas of underwriting, pricing and claims handling. Historically, underwriting and claims handling skills have resulted in a strong combined ratio. We invest in experienced insurance specialists, who enable us to expand our underwriting expertise and skills.

Cost control

a.s.r. continues to focus on effective cost control. We aim to achieve a further reduction in operating expenses over the coming years. In order to make our cost base flexible, we also want to increase the variable portion of our cost base as a proportion of overheads. Decentralizing distribution, product marketing and IT should help us simplify the organizational structure and achieve cost savings.

Solid financial framework

a.s.r. seeks to maintain a solid financial framework, backed by a prudent risk policy, a robust Solvency II position and a sound investment policy, in order to generate robust, high-quality earnings and strong capital growth. This results in what is known as a 'cash-generating business model'.