Who we are


As part of our MISSION, a.s.r. intends to fulfil the following roles within society: An insurer that customers can depend on, a stable financial institution, a people-focused employer and a valuable member of society.


An insurer that customers can depend on

a.s.r. is deeply rooted in Dutch society and we go to great lengths to understand the needs and wishes of our customers. Our products ensure the financial stability of customers and enable them to insure themselves against risks that they are unable or unwilling to bear themselves. Customer confidence is essential to a.s.r., and we value independent third-party advice to customers, as reflected in our strong position in the intermediary channel.

A stable financial institution

a.s.r. aspires to be a financially dependable and stable organization. A solid financial position enables a.s.r. to fulfil its short-term and long-term obligations to customers and stakeholders. Moreover, our philosophy of ‘value over volume’ helps us to create value in the long-term. 

A people-focused employer

a.s.r. sets great store by the expertise of our employees, and we aim to attract and retain talented people. We aim to offer our employees an exciting and inspiring work environment as well as opportunities for development. 

A valuable member of society

a.s.r. has a responsibility to society at large, to our customers in general and to vulnerable groups in particular. This is reflected in our HR policy (e.g. employing people with disabilities), our investment policy, the working environment (The New World of Work) and our CSR policy. 

a.s.r. Foundation and financial self-reliance

As a financial service provider, a.s.r. believes it is important that people have financial continuity in their lives and that they are able to take responsible risks and make conscious financial choices, in such a way that they have their finances in order in the long and short term – in short, that they are financially self-reliant. Some people do not find this easy, and need help. We therefore initiate projects which help people make conscious financial choices. Being able to read and being numerically literate, being able to manage money and keep proper financial records are all part of this. Our aim is to prevent people from getting into debt, or helping them escape from it.